A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Free Makeup Samples

Until recently, I had not worn makeup at all. This was primarily due to the cost, but also due to the fact that it is challenging to find the correct product to meet my skin tone. However, all this changed when a sales associate at a makeup boutique offered me a lesson on getting free makeup samples. Since that day, I have received handfuls of samples and this article will provide information on how to get these samples.

Firstly, here are four makeup products you can receive without having to pay anything.


A previous post by Bargain Babe showed her speaking to a professional makeup artist who stated that she pays for more for certain products, such as foundation, that are in close contact to her skin. For other products, she will tend to use drugstore brands. By choosing the correct product for your skin, it is important you opt for the correct color or you will be wasting your hard-earned cash.

To avoid making an incorrect choice, it is recommended that you try a sample of the product before committing to the makeup item. This is particularly true if you are using a department store brand.


The flirty lashes are a must-have for almost all women, but some mascara can result in clumpy messes instead of long lashes. To avoid this issue, it is recommended that you ask for a sample instead of using the testers others have used at the store. The eye area is a highly sensitive one and you do not want to catch any infections from previous testers. I was able to get a free version of Lancôme’s High Definition mascara from their counter when I asked for a sample.


A person’s skin reacts differently to different perfumes; therefore, it is essential that you request a trial size before purchasing the perfume itself. Before committing to L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, I asked for a sample and received one.

Skin Care Products

My skin is sensitive and this means I can use only certain skin care products. By using sample products before purchasing the full item, I am able to determine whether or not the product is suitable for my skin. At the moment I am trying Bare Escentuals’ cleanser and moisturizer before deciding on whether or not to purchase the full bottle.

Now that you know which products you can receive as a sample, here is a guide on how to get makeup samples without making a purchase.

Be Friendly

The first point to consider when trying to receive a sample is to be friendly to the person behind the makeup counter. A sales person is more likely to assist individuals who are polite and courteous instead of rude and arrogant. Of course, this friendliness must not be faked or you will not receive any samples.

Make Conversation

Some of the sales people are amateur makeup artists and will enjoy sharing their secrets, so it is recommended that you make conversation to “pick their brains” regarding makeup application. For example, one sales associate tipped me to use Stila’s convertible color on my cheeks and lips.

Ask For The Samples

The aim of the conversation is to ultimately ask for samples, and it is as easy as asking for them. The majority of makeup boutiques will have samples for customers wishing to try a product and all you need to do is request them. However, if you are not keen on speaking to a sales person, it is possible to obtain free samples online from drugstore company websites or makeup store websites.

Make A Purchase

While asking for samples is fine, it is recommended that you make a purchase as well and not use samples only. This will help you build a relationship with the sales associates at the makeup boutiques and could lead to more free samples.

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